Director, writer, Editor & Composer

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"La poésie

est une lettre d'amour adressée au monde."

Charlie Chaplin

What I do

Creating Films from the idea to Theaters
  • Writer

    A good story is the starting point for a great film

  • Director

    Giving a vision and a life to the script

  • Editor

    Providing a heart beat to the movie

  • Composer

    Music is a spiritual breath of the film

Films by Madeleine Clair

A poetic glance at the world
Team Member

In the alleyways of a timeless Paris, two strangers cross each other ...

Je suis un sou perdu

Short Movie - 2 min
Team Member

The hero of this short film is a pickpocket. An unlucky pickpocket, moreover. After several unsuccessful pickpocketing attempts, he tries, again unsuccessfully, to steal the purse of a young woman visibly up in the air. This is also the story of this young woman, Juliette, naive and edgy, who goes to a party with friends. To prove that she is not a kid, she will drink more than she can. Back at the subway, Juliette, visibly drunk, will cross again the pickpocket ...


Short Movie - 12 min
Team Member

This is the story of an actress who plays the role of Roxane, in Rostand's play "Cyrano de Bergerac". Moved, she vibrates in unison with these timeless verses. Leaving a performance, and without realizing it, she continues to speak in alexandrine. In a state of grace, she sees all that surrounds her as a poet, expressing it as a poet ... But around her she clashes with the incomprehension of others, and her poetry will only create catastrophes ...


Short Movie (Coming Soon)
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Courts en Musique

Votre nouveau RDV culturel

Projection d'une sélection de courts-métrages ponctuée par des interventions musicales.